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Solvent recovery distillation process

1.Plug into an outlet, connect the power (compressed air is required, if equipped with the vacuum device or feeding device);

2.Open the lid, pour the waste solvent into the distillation bucket, tightly lid the distillation bucket;

3.Turn the power switch to the ON position, the machine started and began to heat, until the solvent boiling;

4.Steam into the condensation system, cooling and liquefaction, collected the clean solvent;

5.Clean the distillation bucket and remove the residue.

Solvent Recovery SystemSolvent Recovery SystemSolvent Recovery SystemSolvent Recovery SystemSolvent Recovery System

How the solvent recovery process works?

1. Heat solvent solution to boiling by variable-power indirect heating system;

2. Solvents of the solution change into gaseous state;

3. Gaseous solvents enter cooling system and are cooled;

4. Gaseous solvents condense into liquids and are collected for reuse.

5. This is whole solvent recovery process, a distillation process, with advanced automatic variable-power heating system and automatic precise control program.