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What is methylene chloride?

About methylene chloride:

Methylene chloride, we also called dichloromethane, is a volatile, incombustible, colorless liquid with a chloroform-like odor. It is a low-boiling point liquid and its boiling point is 39.8℃.

Methylene chloride is used in various industrial processes in many different industries: paint stripping, pharmaceutical manufacturing, paint remover manufacturing, metal cleaning and degreasing, adhesives manufacturing and use, polyurethane foam production, film base manufacturing, polycarbonate resin production, and solvent distribution and formulation.

Its Health hazards to employees:

Methylene chloride has health hazards to employees and experts consider methylene chloride to be a potential occupational carcinogen.

The predominant means of exposure to methylene chloride is inhalation and skin exposure. Short-term exposures to high concentrations may cause mental confusion, lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting, and headache. Continued exposure may also cause eye and respiratory tract irritation. Exposure to methylene chloride may make symptoms of angina more severe. Skin exposure to liquid methylene chloride may cause irritation or chemical burns.

How to dispose of waste methylene chloride?

There are large quantities of waste methylene chloride from all kinds of production process every day. How to deal with waste methylene chloride from all types of production process?

Considering resource saving, wide application of methylene chloride and its health hazards, the best way is to recover and obtain clean methylene chloride by distillation for reuse.

There are many solvent recovery systems and developed products for the recycling of all kinds of solvents in the market now. All these technologies and products make it easier and simple for the recycling of solvents.

Hongyi Solvent Recovery System is one of the most advanced and developed solvent recovery systems in the global market. Now, we choose one for example to explain how to recover waste methylene chloride by distillation.

How to recover waste methylene chloride by distillation?

1.Treating Method:

Clean methylene chloride will be separated from waste solution and contaminants by distillation. Heat waste methylene chloride solution to a boil and gaseous state, then cool gaseous methylene chloride and condense into liquids to collect for reuse. By a simple distillation process, clean methylene chloride is obtained.

2.Choose correct solvent recovery system and auxiliary devices:

1)Choose correct cooling system

The first step is to choose a correct cooling system suitable for the recycling of methylene chloride. There are two types of cooling systems with Hongyi Solvent Recovery Systems, air cooling system and water cooling system. Water cooling system is required for the recycling of methylene chloride, because of its low boiling point (39.8℃). The effect of air cooling system is not capable of cooling gaseous methylene chloride.

2)Equip with cooling water

Cooling water (<15℃) is required for the recycling of methylene chloride. Connect with cooling water, if the plant supplies cooling water to its product line.

Otherwise, the pump and water chiller are necessary for the supply of cooling water, if the plant does not supply cooling water.

3)Equip with feeding device

Considering its health hazards, protective measures are necessary, such as: wear protective gloves, goggles, protective masks. In other hand, the better way is to equip with feeding device instead of manual feeding, especially to the large capacity distillation bucket.

3.Operation of Hongyi Solvent Recovery System

Hongyi solvent recovery system has many advanced and excellent performances. Its main features are automatic running, safe, efficient and with advanced ingenious automatic control program and variable-power indirect heating system. Only need press buttons in the control box to do settings for the recycling process.

1)Do settings for recycling:

Connect the power, press the buttons in the control box and set heating temperature 90℃, set heating duration 150~240 minutes (match with machine′s capacity).

After doing settings, the recycling process will begin.

2)Feeding waste solvent solution and connect cooling water:

Pour waste solution into distillation bucket or start feeding device to pump waste solution into distillation bucket.

Connect cooling water, and open the cooling water supply valve; or start water chiller and supply cooling water.

3)Start solvent recovery system and obtain clean methylene chloride:

Turn on machine′s power switch to “ON” position and press “RUN” button to start control program.

Just for a little while, clean methylene chloride drains out from Hongyi solvent recovery system. Recycled methylene chloride is very pure and clean, high-quality, with good performance, supply to the production line.

When the distillation of recycling methylene chloride ends, Hongyi solvent recovery system will automatically shut off.


Using Hongyi solvent recovery system, we can successfully achieve the goal of recycling methylene chloride by a simple distillation. It is safe, efficient and practical.

Solvent recovery system can help us to save a lot of time and money, and reduce our dependence on solvent procurement.

Hongyi solvent recovery system can significantly save money and reduce the expenditure on disposing of waste solvent and buying clean solvent.

Normally, the payback period of Hongyi solvent recovery system only need half or one year. It's a shorter payback period!