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Hongyi VOC Recycling System

Hongyi VOC Recycling System is suitable to cool and condense VOC gases into liquid VOCs for reuse.

Usually, it is used to recycle VOC or gaseous solvent from a sealed container or vessel, such as solvent storage tank; reactor in chemical industry; or copper clad laminates manufacturing; ceramic substrate manufacturing; electronics industry, etc.

Hongyi VOC Recycling System has a multistage cooling condensation system and multistage flow-around & variable-speed vapor-liquid separator.

The cooling condenser is combined with multistage flow-around & variable-speed vapor-liquid separator for recycle in each stage. The temperature of cooling condenser is cooled down to approximate -15℃ in the second stage and -30℃ in the third stage.

Centrifuges clean oil

Centrifuges clean oil

  • Multistage cooling condensation system and evaporative condenser with special structure ensures that VOC gases are totally cooled.
  • Multistage flow-around & variable-speed vapor-liquid separator: Can be directly combined with vacuum pump for VOC recycling.
  • Adopt direct cooling method, no cooling media, and efficient refrigeration; reduce the loss of cold energy.
  • Explosive-proof digital temperature & pressure controller, the domestic leading technology, is very safe and applicable to any dangerous environment.
  • Explosion-proof electric control box: install the circuit control system in explosion-proof circuit control box, completely sealed explosion-proof, to prevent circuit contact with the solvents.
  • Constant temperature & pressure automatic control system, domestic most advanced technology; safe, stable and more economic.
  • All stainless materials, anti-corrosion and durable. Automatic discharging system: safely and easily discharge liquid VOC for reuse or storage.
  • No pollution to environment, easy to move and small work space requirements.