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Hongyi®弘益® centrifugal oil cleaner removes fine particles from oil and clean the oil according to the centrifugal separation principle.

Centrifugal Oil Cleaner Working Schematic Diagram

Oil is pumped into the centrifuge and directed into a hollow spindle from where it is pressed through a cross-hole into the rotor of the centrifuge. When the rotor is full of oil, the resulting pressure forces it out through two tangential and opposite nozzles in the bottom of the rotor.

This causes the rotor to rotate quickly. The centrifugal force in the rotor causes the dirt particles present accelerate radially and deposit on the internal wall of the rotor. In the course of operation these deposits form a thick cake.

Centrifugal force is capable of removing a wide range of particles extending into sub-micron range. The removal of particles by centrifugal force is based on their relative density; therefore there is no restriction on contaminant size.

A barrier filtration device removes particles from oil based on filter element. Hongyi centrifugal oil cleaner is not a barrier filtration device; it has no filter element and no need filtration media to remove contaminant particles.

Installation of Centrifugal Oil Cleaner