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H.Y Solvent Recycler

The waste or dirty solvent can be reused with Solvent Recycler by distillation recycling principle.
Hy Solvent Recyclers are good for the environment and help customers to greatly reduce the expenditure on
buying solvent and disposing of waste solvent,significantly save money & get a quick return on investment, and save a lot of time!

How it works?

  • Heating the solvent solution in distillation bucket indirectly by heat transfer oil.
  • Gaseous solvents enter air-cooled or cooling water-cooled system and condense into liquids for reuse.
  • Removing residue in distillation bucket.

By a simple distillation process, contaminants (resins, polymers, pigments, paints, oils, etc.) are
separated from solvent solution and the separated clean solvent is collected for reuse.

Type list (Capacity)

You are free to choose suitable size to satisfy you, if you hard to choose, we can recommend
suited solvent recyclers to meet your needs and fit your budget. (Get Catalog Now)

Capacity (size)
Cooling System
Maximum Power
20 L
Dumping slag-off
2.0 Kw
40 L
3.0 Kw
60 L
5.0 Kw
80 L
5.0 Kw
90 L
5.0 Kw
1250 L
6.0 Kw
250 L
16.0 Kw
450 L
Underneath slag-off
30.0 Kw


  • It is suited to equip with the vacuum, the feeding device and the recycling bags.
  • Nylon and woven Teflon liners are available for the distillation bucket, can be custom-made.
  • The cooling system can be custom-made and changed to the water cooling.
  • The power supply can be custom-made such as 110V, 220V, 240V, 380V or 400V; 1 phase or 3 phase.
  • The recovery time and rate are depend on the solvent type and impurity content.
  • The heat transfer oil is ready, no need to pour the heat transfer oil into the new machine!

Solvent RecyclersSolvent RecyclersSolvent Recyclers

Solvent Recyclers: Benefits

If you choose H.y Solvent Recyclers for your solvent recovery needs, just for a while, you will obtain clean, pure and high-quality recycled solvent, with good performance, supply to the production line. (Ask for Ebook free)

  • Significantly save money and half or one year payback period on most solvent recycle.
  • Greatly reduce the expenditure on buying clean solvent.
  • Reduce the expenditure on disposing of waste solvent.
  • Lower storage costs for both fresh solvents and waste solvents
  • Always have clean recycled solvent, with good performance, supply to the production line.
  • Help enterprises to comply with government and certification guidelines for waste reduction.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection, and improve the image of the company!

Most of the company which use organic solvents as detergent, like using Solvent Recyclers for improving competition.

Solvent Recyclers

Solvent Recyclers

·Solvent Recycler became a much more common practice since 30(08-26)