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Pneumatic Feeding Pump

 The pneumatic feeding pump may easily and continually or regularly pour the wasted or dirty solvent into the Solvent Recycling Equipment bucket instead of manual feeding, especially suited the solvent recycling machine with large recycling bucket, such as 125L, 250L and 450L. 
The following optional functions can be achieved successfully, if equipped with the liquid level controller and the pneumatic feeding pump:

Automatic Feeding Function:

Liquid level controller and pneumatic feeding pump are assembled into the automatic feeding system. So, automatic feeding function can be achieved successfully.
Automatic feeding system may automatically start to pour the solvent into the distillation bucket and automatically stop feeding according to the preset cycle, preset amount, preset feeding time, or the liquid level position in the distillation bucket.
For example, when the solvent liquid level in the distillation bucket declines to the preset liquid level position; automatically, the pneumatic feeding pump starts pumping the solvent into and fills up the distillation bucket; and automatically stops when the liquid level rises to the preset liquid level position.

Regular Feeding Function:

Regularly pour the wasted or dirty solvent into the solvent distillation bucket according to the preset amount, or the preset feeding time, or the preset cycle.