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Safety and safety compliance have the highest priority at HongYi. Our solvent recycling machines are designed for safety and complied with all applicable government and regulatory standards and specifications, such as: CNEX, CE and ATEX.

CE certification
CNEX certification
PINGAN insurance certificate
Our solvent recycling machines are designed for safety and complied with CE standards.
China National Quality Supervision and Test Centre for Explosion Protected Electrical Products certified the quality for our solvent recycling machine and issued the certificate of qualification.
PINGAN Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. ensured for our products.
Air-cooling system:
It is no consumables requirements for the cooling system, and no pollution to environment.
Thermal oil heating system andexplosion-proof heater:
safer than direct heating systemand isolate heater from air and solvent.
Automatic shutdown protection function.
Explosion-proof fan: safety.
Over pressure protection function:
When the pressure is too high in the solvent bucket, the pressure relief valve will open automatically.
Stainless steel flexible hose to protect the wire:
Stainless steel flexible hose with explosion-proof and anticorrosion isolate the wire from solvent and the air outside.
High temperature protection function:
When the machine fails and sustained heating, the temperature of machine exceeds the preset heating temperature, the system will immediately disconnect the heating power to prevent the machine overheats.
Multiple independent protection function:
There are several independent simultaneous control systems. If there is one protection function failure, another protection function is still effective.
Enclosed electric control box and external digital temperature controller:
Directly and easily set the machine without opening the electric control box, especially for operation in hazardous environments, and completely sealed to prevent circuit contact with the solvents.
Power failure protection function:
When there's a sudden power outage during operation, the machine activates power failure protection system and automatically shuts down.When power is restored temporarily, it is still in recovery program running, do not need to cool the machine and start again.